Jason Pendergist - The Key to Leadership

Being a good leader isn’t something people are born to. As Jason Pendergist knows, good leadership, despite the myths behind natural leaders, comes from experience.

Jason Pendergist is an executive leader at Luther Burbank Savings, California bank with over four billion dollars in total assets. As the President - Consumer & Commercial Banking, Pendergist heads a team of bankers who work with individuals and businesses to provide residential and commercial real estate loans. Pendergist believes that you have to be able to understand people and their wants and needs to be a good leader.

Emotional intelligence is the key to good leadership. In order to lead the team, you have to know where all of the members of the team are coming from. Understanding their perspectives is the first step to becoming a good leader.
You can’t walk into a room and command respect for very long by ignoring your team. Getting to know their strengths and weaknesses is the beginning of this process, because learning this can help with devising strategies that will be effective in the long term. Whether you lead a corporate team or a sports team, creating a strategy using your teammates in effective manners is the key to success. Jason Pendergist challenges himself to develop his emotional intelligence and to use it effectively every day.

Jason Pendergist is a business professional, a banking executive, and a real estate expert with experience in commercial and residential real estate finance. He knows the local community and how best to help his customers realize their financial and real estate goals.

A Career in an Executive Banking Role

Only the strong can exceed in this role, and that is someone who takes an interest in the foundation of yearly division spending plan and screens execution to spending plan as the year progressed. They will be the leader who builds up yearly deals objectives while working with marketing for lending projects and starts activity to accomplish designed goals.

An executive reviews, assesses, approves and suggests support of applications for business loans and lines of credit. This role surveys intermittently for obliged upgraded financial data and field visits and examines loan information reports for any restorative activity.

A banking executive safeguards the credit union with every single lending regulation. This role creates procedural changes as agreeability deems it, or new projects are requested. This leadership role serves as an individual who is part of Loan Review Committee to create working techniques that guarantee the credit union keeps up adequate levels of capital, liquidity and estimating spreads. The executive performs other employment related obligations as appointed but is subject to managing and leading a team of top notch finance experts.

Jason Pendergist is an experienced banking professional expert with immense skills. He earned his MBA from the University of Colorado and is now the Chief Lending Officer at Luther Burbank Savings, which is a $4 billion regional bank based out of Laguna Hills, CA. Jason focuses primarily on mortgages and real estate and is a well-respected expert in his field. Jason is the Chairman of the local Commercial Real Estate Council. When he is free, he puts in work and gives back to the community. Jason was recently appointed as a Board Member for Miracles for Kids.

Scoping Out Financing for an Investment Property

Now you've probably spent a good amount of time looking up properties, getting an idea of where you want to kick start your investment. It can range from homes, apartments, condos, and even townhouses, so long as you have done your due diligence in understanding the local market.

In case you're taking a gander at a decent property with a high risk of benefit, think about securing as a down payment or remodel cash through home value lines of credit, from credit cards or even from some disaster protection insurance. Many financial specialists and those in the real estate market will agree that you should research your venture completely before attempting to tap into these riskier financial options and savings. Financing for the genuine purchase of the property may be conceivable through private loans from shared lending websites and other loan resources, which works with its resource of individual banks.

Simply be mindful that you may be met with some suspicion, particularly in the event that you don't have a long history of effective property investments. Some shared gatherings additionally oblige your credit history to meet certain criteria. When you're acquiring from a man instead of an element, that individual is for the most part going to be more of a preservationist and more defensive of giving their cash to a stranger. As with any loan, there are several risks to consider. If you need to get deeper and understand the nature of financing, then you should seek a professional's opinion.

Jason Pendergist works diligently as a Chief Lending Officer at Luther Burbank. His goal is to provide quality advice to help his customers achieve their real estate investment goals.

An MBA at University of Colorado

The MBA is offered in a traditional two-year full-time format and a two-year, which counts summer classes in a low maintenance night format. The full-time MBA, with temporary job opportunities amid the summer between the two years, is an immersive affair for understudies who pick not to work and seek after a graduate project in the meantime. The low maintenance evening MBA system is intended for the working professional and offers a chance to acquire a graduate degree while keeping up full-time livelihood.

In case you're an accomplished, working professional, you can acquire your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in under two years while you keep on living up to expectations. This executive MBA is challenging and unique. The project is particularly intended for working business professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals working in designing, therapeutic, legitimate, and experimental fields. You will pick up information from essential business disciplines, which include promoting, authoritative conduct, and more and then incorporate them into your regular, choice making procedures.

Year one establishes the framework and reaches a state of perfection with an integrative workshop that helps you apply what you've figured out how to your particular associations. Year two-course work takes a wide approach, specifically given intuition deliberately in a worldwide economy.

After earning his MBA from the University of Colorado, Jason Pendergist moved to California. However, he has traveled so much in the United States alone and has been to 49 of 50 American States. He has also traveled internationally for business and pleasure and takes a deep interest in Art, History and Architecture.

Journalistic Excellence at Commercial Observer

Commercial Observer is the leading platform for informing and connecting real estate professionals around the globe. They deliver authoritative news and information on market-moving trends and events. Many professionals in the real estate sector look to this media outlet for the latest information and news.

Commercial Observer brings some of the industry’s most powerful players together including building managers and owners, brokers, professional service firms and commercial lenders. They provide Our weekly coverage, up-to-the-minute updates and live events which all include a diverse mix of breaking news, features, interviews, industry columnists, and in-depth analysis of market trends.

Commercial Observer has won numerous awards including the National Association of Real Estate Editors Journalism Awards and 2014 Best Weekly Newspaper Report Silver Award for a story that examined the big-time New York City developers' renewed affection for Brooklyn. The reporter captured Brooklyn’s still untapped real estate potential for those working in the city. The media outlet also won 2013 Best Team Report Silver Award for the examining of the haggling over the government’s lease of the new 1 World Trade Center in New York City. It used cartoon panels in a compelling way to explain a complex story.

Jason Pendergist was featured in several publications that are both nationally and globally recognized. Some of these notable mentions appeared in The Real Deal and the Commercial Observer in 2013. He is frequently asked to be a speaker and panelist at events such as Stoler Report, Massy Knackle, Marcus and Milichap and California Mortgage Broker's Association.

Tips for Traveling Abroad

Travel can be a rejuvenating experience and a great escape from monotonous life. Everyone loves to run away from their hectic daily schedule once in a while. However, traveling to another country can be afforded by a few lucky individuals. If you are taking a trip abroad, it means you either have the money to afford it or it's work related. Here are a few tips that can help to save on your travel expenses and make those dollars go further.

Try to travel when it's off-season. If you avoid high ‘tourist’ season, you will find some great discounts on airline tickets as well as accommodations. Airlines, resorts, and hotels set their prices depending on demand.

Plan you trip in advance and search on Google and Yahoo to get good deals for airlines tickets. Look into round trip ticket options, because they are usually cheaper compared to a one-way ticket.

When taking a trip to Europe, ground transportation is the way to go. Try to travel a lot by rail or tubes and check for multi-trip discounts. If you get an unlimited pass with validity of 2-3 days, it would be a really cheaper transportation option abroad.

The most expensive part of a trip can be food. Avoid eating your breakfast at the hotel, it is really expensive. Drop into a local market and buy your breakfast snacks and fruits. Then go to a park and enjoy your meal in the fresh air.

Jason Pendergist is a world-renowned banking investment executive in the real estate sector at Luther Burbank. He has traveled globally, allowing him to experience many different cultures, cuisine, traditions and landscapes. He loves the opportunity to meet new people and see new things.

Ways to Finance Real Estate

Assuming that you do have impeccable credit and are extremely financially secure, these following financing methods may be a great way for you to secure financing. Whether you're looking to trade in your current home, buy your first home or start buying rental properties, you're going to need to be knowledgeable when it comes to financing options. Here are a few ways to finance a real estate investment.


The traditional route is through banks, credit unions, and other home mortgage companies and is a great way right now to finance a real estate investment. Rates are currently at 6.25% for a 30-year fixed or 5.75% for a 15-year fixed rate. The only down-side is that following the sub-prime housing dilemma, traditional lenders have tightened their lending criteria. Most require a 680 credit score or higher for approval.

Seller Carry Back

There are also a few creative-financing methods you need to know. One is called “seller carry back.” This method is a form of owner financing where the seller agrees to carry the note for your purchase. This arrangement usually happens when you find a seller that owns his/her property free and clear. Most of the time the seller places a time limit for when the loan must be paid off. This is a good way to finance a real estate investment, but you will need to refinance later.


This is a way to finance a real estate investment short-term. The name "subject-to" comes from the phrase "subject to existing financing." This means that you buy the property and the title is transferred, but the loan will stay in the seller's name.

Jason Pendergist is an experienced banking professional who has shown a great ability in growing a business by inspiring the minds of others. Presently, he is the Chief Lending Officer at Luther Burbank Savings, a 4 billion dollar regional bank. He has worked in several areas of finance including working as a banking executive and as a real estate expert.

Intrigue within Greek Architecture

The ancient Greek architects had a great passion for creating buildings that were the epitome of excellence and skill. These structures serve as the hallmarks of Greek art in general. The formulas they invented back in the sixth century B.C. influenced the architecture of the past two millennium. The two primary orders in Archaic and Classical Greek architecture are Doric and Ionic. Doric order is marked by columns that are fluted and have no base. The capitals are made up of two parts consisting of a flat slab, and a cushion-like slab. Among the best-preserved examples of Archaic, Doric architecture is the temple of Apollo at Corinth, which was built in the second quarter of the sixth century B.C.

The Ionic order of architecture differed in that the bases supported the columns, which had more vertical flutes than that of the Doric order. The Doric order occurred mostly on the Greek mainland and at sites on the Italian peninsula, where there were many Greek colonies. The Ionic order tended to be popular among Greeks in Asia Minor and the Greek islands. A third order of Greek architecture, was called the Corinthian, and was more common in the Hellenistic and Roman periods

Jason Pendergist is Chief Lending Officer at a prestigious and well-known banking institution. He has years of experience within the field. He must travel for his job and loves getting a chance to go abroad. One his favorite places to visit is Greece because of its amazing architecture.

Jason Pendergist - Hiring Loan Officers

Jason Pendergist, as the President - Consumer & Commercial Banking of Luther Burbank Savings, is looking for more loan officers to help staff new branches throughout the state and help with the rollout of new loan products.

Jason Pendergist is looking for loan officers who are professional and competent in a sales-driven environment, while also being able to assist customers in a courteous and comprehensive manner. The bank is also looking for all support staff members for several branch expansions in the region. Managers, new account representatives, loan officers and more are needed at many locations throughout California. Luther Burbank Savings offers its workers competitive wages and excellent benefits. See their website for employment information.

Jason Pendergist creates a sense of teamwork as the President – Consumer & Commercial Banking for Luther Burbank Savings. In order to succeed on the LBS team, employees have to help each other and work together to put the customer first. Pendergist prides himself on providing his employees and his department with clear, actionable, reachable goals that everyone can see will help the company and the team as a whole. While his work environment is as competitive as any other, he also expects his workers to go to bat for each other and help each other succeed. When everyone works together as a part of the same team, everyone wins.

Jason Pendergist lives and works in Southern California. He has decades of banking experience, including with banking giant JP Morgan Chase. He has had leadership positions at JP Morgan Chase and Washington Mutual, and he hopes to bring additional products and process refinements to Luther Burbank Savings.

Jason Pendergist  Expansion at Luther Burbank Savings

Jason Pendergist, as the President - Consumer & Commercial Banking for Luther Burbank Savings, is excited about the expansion that the company has undergone in recent months. The bank has expanded in the apartment lending and commercial real estate arenas and has seen its retail residential lending business, Luther Burbank Mortgage, grow significantly.

Luther Burbank Savings and Luther Burbank Mortgage, managed by Jason Pendergist are looking for additional team members to work with customers as Loan Officers of the bank. New employees will need to cater to customer needs and help the company keep up with its growing customer base throughout California and beyond. Jason Pendergist needs loan officers given the expected rise in mortgages and loans for Luther Burbank Savings in the near future. He needs employees who are motivated to help customers navigate loan terms and conditions and work through their options based on intimate knowledge of the marketplace. Pendergist and other company leaders want to emphasize customer service and bring customers an experience that takes them back to the days when manners mattered and service was the top concern for a business. He believes that everyone who comes into Luther Burbank should be treated with respect and dignity and patience.

Jason Pendergist has been a banker and investment property expert for over a dozen years. He has worked for Chase, Washington Mutual, and is currently President – Consumer & Commercial Banking for Luther Burbank Savings and the Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Council for the American Bankers Association.

Jason Pendergist is a member of the American Bankers Association (ABA), an organization made up of leaders from hometown banks throughout the United States, large and small. In 2015, Pendergist was appointed as Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Council. Pendergist spent much of his career as a real estate investment specialist for a series of major banks, including Washington Mutual and Chase. His experience gave him the unique perspective that was needed as the inaugural Chairman as the Commercial Real Estate Council for the ABA.

The ABA was founded in 1875 in Saratoga Springs, New York with the first meeting of 349 bankers from 31 states and the District of Columbia. The organization started when its two founders, James Howenstein and Edward Breck, decided that bankers needed a way to band together. The next year, ABA President spoke before the United States Congress to convince them to reduce the tax burden on banks. He was especially insistent on repealing taxes on capital and the two-cent tax on checks, which he achieved finally in 1883. Jason Pendergist is proud to enter into this long tradition. With help from people like Jason Pendergist, the organization can expect to grow membership and help bankers throughout the United States.

Jason Pendergist is the President – Consumer & Commercial Banking for Luther Burbank Savings, a regional California bank with over $4 billion in assets.

Jason Pendergist - Proud Member of the ABA