Ending the Stigma: A Guide for Women on Buying Yourself the Perfect Ring

Okay ladies, it’s time to get one thing straight. If you want a ring and your significant other doesn’t want to buy you one or thinks it’s too much of a commitment or you’re flying solo at the moment and loving it—you can buy yourself rings!

There’s no real point in making rings into some romantic gesture and allowing an unnecessary stigma to be placed over buying one for yourself.

Don’t wait for your significant other to buy you jewelry, take the situation into your own hands.


Here are our top four ring styles you might fancy;

  1. Dress Rings

Wearing dress rings doesn’t automatically mean you’re engaged. You don’t need to be planning a wedding to enjoy a glamorous ring on your finger. Sometimes it’s best to buy one for yourself. No one knows your style better than you, after all.

When treating yourself to a ring you can wear on special occasions or when you’re dressed to the nines, consider cocktail rings. They’re dressy and beautiful and won’t have strangers asking when your wedding date is.

The oversized, vintage look will pair perfectly with that dress you’ve been meaning to wear. You’ll feel like a 1940’s princess, think Kiera Knightly in Atonement.

  1. Knuckle Rings

For a more modern look, turn to knuckle rings.

Unlike a regular ring, which you wear at the base of your finger, knuckle rings are just as they sound—worn above your knuckles. It’s a fun twist on an old classic.

While these rings may be unlike a standard ring, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of fitting or comfort. They fit just as comfortably as any other and won’t slip off even when you’re washing your hands.

Knuckle rings come in handy as a simple addition to a well put-together outfit. If your dress happens be especially exotic or eccentric and you don’t want to pull too much attention away from your wardrobe, a simple knuckle ring will satisfy that proverbial jewelry sweet tooth without causing a distraction. For a more layered look, to dress up that favorite comfy tee or easy party dress in your wardrobe, move onto stacked rings.

  1. Stacked Rings

Stacked rings provide all the fun of two rings in one, wear next to each other on the same finger, or splayed out across all 10. Some stacked rings are even connected by a simple chain.

This allows for the excessive jewelry look, but without the hassle of finding two separate rings that properly complement each other. Instead, you can buy stacked rings that are made to be worn together.

These are hugely popular right now; perfect to wear on your fun-filled Friday nights.

  1. Signet Rings

The beauty of signet rings lies in their classic simplicity.

Peer closely at a signet ring and you’ll find that the simplicity allows for much more intricate designs and details carved into the ring itself. These are especially great for those with an eye for art. You’ll be able to boast your masterpiece of a ring to all your friends.

Signet rings work well to spice things up a bit when you wear a simple outfit. Wear them with more casual looks to allow an everyday elegance.

There you have it! Rings are the perfect all occasion jewellery piece.

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