Take the Rousseau quiz!

How well do you know the famous philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau? Take this quick quiz to find out! 

1. When was Jean Jacques Rousseau born?

a.) June 20, 1673

b.) June 28, 1712

c.) June 17, 1820

2.) What do you call the period in which Jean Jacques Rousseau was born in?

a.) The Scientific Revolution

b.) War of the Spanish Succession

c.) The Enlightenment

3.) What was the name of his work that won 1st place in an essay competition?

a.) A course of science and math

b.) The history of science and art

c.) A discourse on the sciences and the arts

4.) Aside from being a writer, Jean Jacques Rousseau was also a.....

a.) a music teacher and copyist

b.) a tutor

c.) a secretary

d.) all of the above

5.) Jean Jacques Rousseau's most famous book, The Social Contract, is all about...

a.) individual freedom

b.) marriage

c.) war

6.) Who was Jean Jacques Rousseau's close friend?

a.) Thomas Jefferson

b.) Denis Diderot

c.) George Washington

7.) What was Jean Jacques Rousseau's final book called?

a.) The Lonely Man

b.) All Alone

c.) The Solitary Walker

8.) Whom did Jean Jacques Rousseau marry?

a.) Cecile Devereaux

b.) Therese Lavasseur

c.) Marie Antoinette

9.) What did Jean Jacques Rousseau use as his false name when he returned to France?

a.) Louis

b.) Jeffrey

c.) Renou

10.) Aside from the French and American Revolution, what else did Jean Jacques Rousseau influence?

a.) The growth of nationalism

b.) Absolutism

c.) the Seven Years' War



1.) B         6.) B

2.) C         7.) C

3.) C         8.) B

4.) D         9.) C

5.) A         10.) A


0-2 numbers correct....... You don't know anything about Jean Jacques Rousseau! Oh well, keep trying!

3-6 numbers correct........ Good! You know a bit about Jean Jacques Rousseau!

7-9 numbers correct........ Great job! Someone has been studying!

10 numbers correct......... Outstanding! You are a Rousseau genius!

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made by sofia and szachii of grade 8

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