The European Perspective: The Crusades

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Jerusalem was so important to the Europeans because it had a lot of key events. . One of the main reasons why i because of the crucifixion of Jesus also known as the betrayal at Gethsemane. later where he was resurrected and ascended to Heaven. Also because Muhammad met Gabriel the angel there.

According to "The primary reason of why the crusades happened was because they wanted to liberate. and preserve the Holy Land, particularly the holy Christian places in Jerusalem, from Muslim control".

Wiki answers also stated "The Crusades both positively and negatively. It positively affect them because they were introduced to social developments like roads. Catholic churches were also able to become rich since the priests were looked as leaders and elders for advice making them rich. But during the Crusades they lost their slaves. Slavery was their fastest way to make income and to have labor".

They believed that they had to do whatever they had to do to get Jerusalem. Even if it meant killing every single person including the children and babys. They thought they were doing it for jesus, since it was for Jesus then it was ok to kill all of these people "for Jesus". That was the perspective of the europeans on other groups during the Crudases.

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