Traveling Back in Time
By: Missy Fuentes

It's ten o'clock at night. I should probably get to sleep already. This has been a long day, and I could use a nice long sleep. As fast as I could say good-night, I was asleep. The odd thing is, normally I can't control my dreams. For some reason though, I could control what I'm doing in this one. I can feel everything. Weird. Then again, dreams are dreams. I have tried pinching myself awake. It won't work. I have tried shaking myself, touching cold water, and screaming. I can't wake up. This is really weird. It can't be real. Looking around won't hurt. At least i'll know where I am at.

          This is where I realized where I was at. I was in the 11th century midievil time period. You know like the Kings, Queens, Princesses, knights in shining armor. I was sitting on a throne, wearing a corset tighter than 21st century skinny jeans, and a huge poofy dress. People were coming up to me, and talking to me in a very posh English accent. I could barely understand them. Many of them were calling me Princess, too. Then it hit me. I was the Princess. I called a small servant girl to where I was standing. Her name was Rose. She was about 10 years old with brown hair, a button like nose, and emerald green eyes. I asked her who I was, and she said I was the 19 year old Princess of England. Princess Missy of England. Talk about dream come true. Then was when I noticed what I was wearing. It was a royal blue dress, with golden embroidery around the edges, and a masquerade mask. I had been so caught up with where I was, and what I am doing here that I didn't notice the feast going on around me.                                        

          Just as I had realized where I was, I was being pulled to my feet to dance. I had never danced this kind of music before, so I just let him lead. I think this is what we would call the waltz in present day dancing. He was very handsome, he had brown hair, with bright blue eyes that resembled the ocean, and seemed to be around my age. He said his name was Peter. We talked some more, and I ended up telling him about me being from the future. He was extremely shocked at first, but didn't run away when he found out it was true. We talked about what it was like, and he was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I told him about me not knowing much about this time period except the monarchy's, the balls, and the huge feasts they had. He offered to teach me everything I need to know. That was when he told me he was head of the knights. He was my fathers most trusted knight. I was told I was supposed to be back by 11 o'clock at the castle. I had 15 minutes to get there. I ran out as fast as I could. Almost tripping on my way out. I can honestly say that was one of the best nights of my life.

         The next morning, I woke up exhausted. The servants had woken me up and even dressed me in a corset tighter than yesterdays. It took 4 hours to finish getting me dressed. Now I was sitting alone waiting for Peter to show up. When he showed up, I was greatly shocked. He looked so much better without a mask on. He was honestly the most handsome man to walk this Earth. Today, he was going to teach me how to speak their kind of English. They spoke in such a safisticated manner. I couldn't understand them sometimes. That was all I had learned today. Tomorrow I will learn how to walk straighter than I do now. Being a Princess is so much work. The weeks came and went. As soon as I knew it I had learned to speak, look, and breath like they do. I had tried speaking to special engineers about communicating with the future. As much as I like this place I still want to see my real family. None of the engineers knew how to do it. I showed them my iPhone, too. They said they could try and find a way but they haven't done it yet. The only thing I haven't tried is calling my parents. So I am going to try that today. Ring! Ring! Ring! "Hello?" I started crying. It was my father. I told him all about what is going on. He said he'll try to see what he can do. I talked to everybody. My brother, sister, my mom, my grandma. Anybody who asks thinks I'm on a trip to Europe. Even if I can't go back to the future. I like it here. I found my knight in shining armor, i'm a Princess, and I get to celebrate everything.

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