Javier Alvarado

Experienced Energy Sector Professional

About Javier Alvarado

The current president Intevep, a company based in Caracas, Venezuela, Javier Alvarado contributes consulting and research services to a wide range of energy sector development projects. A graduate of Simón Bolívar University in Miranda State, Venezuela, he holds dual degrees as an electrical engineer and a specialist in energy management. Javier Alvarado went on to undertake specialized postgraduate studies through the Human Resource Business School and the Managing Technology and Innovation Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in Philadelphia.

Javier Alvarado’s professional development activities within the oil and gas industries extend to all areas of exploration, production, refining, and industrialization. He has served as an oil operations engineer, a team leader, a general manager, and an executive director for the state-owned Venezuelan oil and natural gas company PDVSA. Mr. Alvarado has also completed a wide range of administrative and advisory services for SIMPEI-International, Logscargo, and the Consulta Sociedad de Corretaje