Javi Fernandez

Ideas and voice for Media.


  • Voice over and media producer in Sin Codificar Show.
  • Free lance voice over recordings
  • Community Manager at Polacrin

TV: Sin Codificar (América channel)

It´s a five season entertainment show where I work as a voice over and humourst.
Sin Codificar has 2.3 millions of facebook fans. It´s one of the most important social events of Argentina.
Video: A Humour sketch, the voice over is recorded by me, and starring by José "Yayo" Guridi.

TV: Documental voice over

During last year, I´ve been recording different documental and commercial voice over.

This is a fragment of "La isla de los estados", a 4 episodes documental serie from Encuentro Channel (2:30m)

Multimedia voice over

Customer: Yupicompras
Duration: 1:15m


With 10 years of experience, I compile some voice over jobs.
The first demo incluides latin neutral recordings. And the second, commercial voice over and actings.


I was interviewed about video streaming. I have my own show called Ideando. This is my second season on air. Source: CN23 (News Channel) Starts: 2:00m


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