Jawaun Lewis

Day 1

Today we played games to get to know each others names and things about them we also used went outside and played sprout tag and used a finch to race in a obstacle course

Day 2

Today we worked with squishy snap and arduino circuits we also got into groups and made our own circuits with clay and we made our own led lights my first group I was in we made a light house with squishy circuits the second group I was in we made a ufo with snap circuits

Day 3

Today we got into groups and went to four stations the first station we used a makey makey the second staion we used a arduino micro controller to make a servo motor move the third station we watched a tutorial about led circuits and the fourth station we used a solder to make a maker bot pin

Day 4

Today I we attempted to make a bubble bot machine. I worked with Dominic and Charles. My contribution to the project was that I used a solder to attach things together the machine did not work well when we tried to use it.

Day 6

Today we made shirts with led pockets

Day 7

Today we worked on our individual projects