Uniac Speed Geeking Extravaganza

It was a great night! Please see below for a collection of resources to explore further.


  1. Bryan Bibby Smith, Belfountain P.S, Twitter and Blogging
  2. Andrea Broersma, Belfountain P.S., Sharing Student Learning
  3. Marny Bissonnette, James Bolton P.S., Apps for Grade 3
  4. Gurjot Natt, Great Lakes P.S., Digital Portfolios
  5. Lisa McTaggart, Great Lakes P.S., Mental Note
  6. Jamey Byers, Humberview S.S., App Development news clip
  7. Jennifer Beauregard, Caledon Central P.S., Communicating in Visual
  8. Sebastian Acosta, Mayfield S.S., Socrative App
  9. Lindy Summer-Smith, Allan Drive M.S., Flowboard for Digital Magazines
  10. Maryse Skuza, Herb Campbell P.S., Music & Technology
  11. Stephanie & Christina, SouthFields Village P.S., Sesame Io & Educreations