JAWS: Technology and AFL in Economics

Mark Solomons / Garden International School / Twitter:@SirSolo or @GISEconomics

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Part 1: Confidence based marking for MCQs

Part 2: Technology to aid Assessment for Learning




Talkboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard, a social art canvas, the back of a napkin...great for diagrams, instant feedback and diagrams.

Using your iPhone or iPad, click below and have a go collaborating on the tasks:


Great video sharing tool for flipping lessons and homework with built in AFL...ask questions (MCQ or longer answer),  at points within the video and get detailed responses and analytics


A collection site for various media to share with students. We tend to use it with Youtube videos but you can collate pretty much anything within it... Shareable via email, Twitter, Google Classroom or within the site for those with accounts.

Creating content...


This tool you're looking at now. It is awesome for sharing, in fact colleagues are making whole lessons through Tackk and using it to teach. Below are a few useful items to check out...the Tackk FAQs and some links to a few Tackks you may find of interest.

There are many great features and it acts as a stream of information to share in a number of ways. You can add a gallery of images to stimulate discussion or include more complex elements like various types of media... See the Tackks below for examples.

GoConqr Revision site

A intuitive and relatively simple to use revision site to use with classes when revising. Great for making flash cards, quizzes and mind-maps. They can be easily shared and copied...no collaboration as yet but still good for working in groups or independently.


A great tool for reflection and creating short presentations - Record yourself or just your voice delivering your presentations or explanations...

...Teachers can use it for short presentations or tutorials to explain concepts, for flipping learning or to set as a homework task for students to complete and share. It is great to ask students to create 'how to' or explanation videos similar to this one I created:


A great tool for assessing learning and getting instant feedback.

Use the QR code or go to www.kahoot.it and wait for the pin

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2 years ago

Please suggest any tools, apps or websites that may be of interest

2 years ago

Great use of Tackk and of course fantastic tools shared for embedding tech into any subject area really; brilliant for personalising, differentiating, reflecting, assessing, revising - should be powerful way to embed the learning. Thanks for sharing.