Written By: Jeffry W. Johnston
Reported By: Sidney Hurlbut


Have you ever felt like one day you have everything, and then the next literally EVERYTHING is falling apart. Everyone you love keeps turning their backs? Imagine how Chase Falcon feels when all of his friends and family keeps dying. It was just a normal day, a normal party, the normal illegal activities that went on all the time. Its not like this was the first time or anything. But this was the first accident.

Chase doesn't remember the car accident that killed his three friends but left him here. He simply remembers waking up on pavement. And all he knows is what he was told; "The other driver was highly intoxicated when colliding with your friends car. He was going over 85 mph." Throughout this difficult process of loss, chase tried lots of things because he didn't think he deserved to live. Yet he was still here.

He really loved her, Angie. He's sad about his other two friends, but feels the worst about her. He misses her. He wishes that he wouldn't have screwed up that night and called her to fix it. he regrets it all. He misses them all. Chase goes to see his therapist twice a week, and she's helping him remember things, slowly but surely.

He meets a new girl named, Darla, at school. Darla reminds him a lot of Angie, he thinks thats why he is attracted to Darla. being with Darla is helping him forget about the accident and the past. But one day, it all comes rushing back. he remembers the look on Angie's face right before the crash. He remembers what they all were doing. But will this affect his behavior? will it be enough for him to grieve in peace finally? What will happen with Chase and Darla?

What did I enjoy about this book?

I enjoyed all of the suspense that was in this book. It kept throwing in new juicy details and it definitely had me wanting to read more.

Was the ending satisfactory? Why or Why not?

now that was going to happen at the end!

If this book was well written, what made it that way?

The thing that made this book so good, is the fact that even though its not a true story, this could happen to anyone. And knowing that makes you wanna rethink about a lot of decisions that you have made in the past.

Why would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because it has a strong message to life behind it.

Don't be stupid.

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