Dirty Little Secrets

 If you think you know everything there is to know about this app. Well, that's all about to change. Because, we're about to expose the deepest, darkest secrets of the renowned app named, Instagram.


Selfies Gone Wrong

  Over 110 million selfies. That`s right, over 110 million selfies were posted on this so called, genius app: Instagram. I mean, selfies can be fun, but our generation has taken selfies to a whole different level. We have become so obsessed with ourselves that we`ve come to a point where we have exploited the use of this app; by taking useless pictures of ourselves posing in front of a mirror capturing our torsos or our body parts that should be kept to ourselves. But, the most intriguing part of all of this, is that we do all of these ridiculous things mostly while we're taking a selfie.

    If you think that these things are inappropriate, picture this: An eighteen year old girl posing in her inappropriately tight yoga pants and her hot pink sporting bra while taking a mirror selfie. Then, once she edits her picture and posts the photo up on instagram, people start commenting disgusting rubbish. Such as, "You're sexy" " Hot Damn" " Can I be your bae?;)" And etc. But, on top of that, that's not the only things that people can say. They can also make hurtful and rude remarks towards her. Now, imagine an innocent 9 year old, scrolling through their feed and suddenly, this photo appears. Then, he/she accidentally clicks on the photo, scrolls down the comments and sees the nasty commentary.

  In our generation, children under the age of ten can get a hold of any technology that can grant them access to Instagram. Not knowing what kind of content it really holds. Exposing things that no child nor teen should ever come to know.

Generation Self-Obsessed

    If you think about it, Instagram is like an addictive drug. Once you start out, You keep coming back for more. And what exactly makes us come back for more? Well, the answer is simple, for themselves. And, what do we mean by that? We come back to see how many likes we've gotten on our latest selfie, how many new followers we've gotten or how many comments they've received saying that they're beautiful or handsome. When you get these likes, comments or followers, It feels like the kind of joy you get when you receive birthday money. But, this time you gain it everyday with each new passing selfie or photo. Teens, adults and children become so obsessed with this joy to the fact that the only thing that matters to them is that they get as much likes, good comments and followers than ANYBODY else. And we, for one, do not think that this is healthy.

Instagram Hides More Than We'll Ever Know

     The thing that children, adults and teens these days don't realize, is that whenever we post a photo of ourselves or anything in general, it automatically falls into Instagram's hands. And suddenly, we have absolutely no control over the endless possibilities that Instagram has over our photos and videos. For all we know, it could be sold, cropped someone else's body, or be used against us as well. For example: Ever heard of the song, #selfie? Of course you have. When you watched the video, you probably saw some real-life selfies. If you actually think that the Chainsmokers got permission from the original owners to use their photos. You're wrong. Instagram did. Can we stop it? Eh... no. The power that Instagram has over our photos is inevitable. So, the next time you'd like to post a picture on Instagram, think twice.

     Now, we're going to show you a short Instagram advertisement, and hopefully, after reading our article, you'll realize how much of a nasty illusion, this video really is.

This is a link to the video...

All of the content in that video is a disgusting trick; trying to drag you back into believing that Instagram is ACTUALLY a good source to post your videos on. And, if you think that what they're trying to convince you is true. You're surely falling under their trap.

 We hope that now, the truth about Instagram and all the damage it's caused has dawned on all of you. From all it's lies, secrets, obsessions and negative influences that it is responsible for. But, after all, everone has their own dirty little secrets, even Instagram.


Writers' Note

 This Tackk was written by Taylor Torreon and Jennifer Tsang. We chose the negative side of Instagram because we agree that Instagram has a negative influence on people's lives. And we hope you enjoyed our Tackk:)

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3 years ago

Awesome job!!

3 years ago

Great choice of pictures and points to argue against Instagram. What's really interesting is how the 'selfie' became an obsession with our society. Although the Instagram video is supposed to support your argument, it actually does the opposite. Always stick to your side. Overall, powerful Tackk!

2 years ago

This is why I don't have an Instagram 😎