Jay Hirshberg

Top-Ranked Practical Shooter

About Jay Hirshberg

In just a few years, Jay Hirshberg of Boston, Massachusetts, has become a top competitor in the world of action pistol shooting. He has won awards at many tournaments and prefers the SV Infinity IMM Open pistol for match and practice use. Since 2009, Jay Hirshberg has held membership in the Open divisions of the United States Practical Shooting Association and the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and is a Grandmaster.

Mr. Hirshberg has taken top honors at dozens of recent events. He came in second place overall at the Vermont State Championship, 10th place in the world at the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships, and second place overall at the Double Tap Championship.

Outside of practical shooting, Jay Hirshberg stays fit through the IPSC Workout. This fitness regimen consists of a series of intensive training and conditioning exercises that are designed to improve strength, speed, and reaction time. Additionally, he volunteers with charitable groups, studies Old-World languages and cultures, and travels abroad whenever possible.

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