Jay Rasmussen of Naples, FL - Recent Success in Private Banking

For 25 years, Jay Rasmussen of Naples, FL has been a highly dedicated and motivated professional in the private banking and finance industry. After graduating Florida State University in 1986 with a degree in Political Science and minor in Economics.

Jay Rasmussen Naples, FL had worked in a senior position, and the trend continued in late 2008 when he joined Encore National Bank in Naples. At Encore, Rasmussen first worked as a market executive for Collier County, helping the company develop and implement Retail Branch Sales Programs that increased transaction accounts for new and existing client relationships. When the company’s Florida operations divested in December 2010, Jay Rasmussen became the Senior Vice President (Senior Lender) at the establishment of Encore National Bank. In this position, he developed a commercial and business lending plan that worked well with the market conditions at the time.

Rasmussen’s stay at Encore lasted until 2012, when he joined his current employer, Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust, as Senior Vice President. He brought his wealth of experience in commercial and residential lending with him, helping the company achieve its loan and depository goals for the 2012 and 2013 financial years.

Jay Rasmussen of Naples, FL - Considering a Career in Banking

A highly dedicated and self-motivated private banker, Jay Rasmussen of Naples, FL has demonstrated diligence and a pursuit of excellence in his 25-year career that has enabled him find great success. He got his first start in private banking in 1989, and since then has worked for various organizations in a senior position. While his career path has been impressive, it has taken great patience and hard work on his part to rise through the ranks.

With a growth in private banking in recent years, Jay Rasmussen knows that numerous college graduates may be looking to make a career in the industry. He acknowledges that the private banking environment is a dynamic one that requires individuals to go the extra mile in order to meet objectives. Additionally, the workforce is self-motivated and highly confident in their abilities, as it is the surest way to inspire confidence in the organization’s clients.

Because he has been working in the private banking industry for a while, Jay Rasmussen of Naples, FL knows the qualities that eager college graduates should strive to develop if they are to find success. For starters, he encourages them to be passionate about the responsibilities handed to them. It is through passion that they will gain the extra knowledge needed to make a difference.

Secondly, he advises graduates to keep an open mind as the number of roles available in private banking are as diverse as the people employed. While he started as a pure banker, interaction with real estate clients enabled him learn enough to become a licensed Florida real estate broker.

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