Landform Region Promotional Flyer!

The Government of Canada is offering $200, 000 to create a promotional flyer advertising the business or tourist potential of your landform region.  To win this lucrative contract you will need to create a Tackk promoting the region as a great place to open a BUSINESS or locate a TOURIST attraction.  You will need to decide if you want to promote the location as a business or tourist destination.  Once you have decided on a business or tourist attraction, focus on the type of business or activity you will be promoting.  The flyer will focus on how the landform region is an excellent location for this activity.

What does my promo ad need?

Physical Features

To create a successful flyer, you will need to include information on all aspects of your landform region.  Your review of the region will need to include information on:

1. The climate of the region.

2. The natural landscape of the region.

3. Vegetation and soil found in the region.

4. The geology of the region (rock types).

Include a map of the region:

This will help draw attention to special features of the region or certain attractions.  The map should provide potential businesses or tourist an idea of where major cities or attractions are in the region.

Human Activities

What kinds of human activities can be enjoyed in your landform region?  Think of the recreational opportunities, such as, skiing, whale watching, fishing, etc. the landform region provides.  If you attracting tourists highlight the recreational opportunities.  If you are attracting businesses highlight the resources available, such as, minerals or logging.  You may also want to identify how the climate and location allows for certain business activities, such as farming or manufacturing.

Include a video:

The video may highlight the human activities or natural features that you are trying to promote.  Be sure the video is related to the content of the Tackk and provides additional information on the special features of the region.  Simply insert a Youtube video by clicking on the video icon.

Influence of climate change:

Potential businesses and tourist destinations will be curious if climate change will have an impact on the region in the future.  To create a successful promotional ad you will need to identify how climate change will impact the region.  The impacts may have negative or positive implications depending on what you are promoting.  Be sure to include specific detail on the impacts of climate change for the region.

Risk of Natural Disaster

When reviewing your region, inform potential business and tourist operators of the natural disasters that may occur in this location.  For example, if you are promoting a location along the coastline, is there a risk of Tsunami or flooding?  This will require you explain what risk of natural disaster presents and how the natural disaster is caused.    

Add videos or images to help explain the potential natural disasters of the region. 


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