Frankenstein Timeline

Chris Sinon

Frankenstein starts with robert walton looking for a passage to the north pole aboard a ship with his crew when he happens upon viktor frankenstein. viktor boards the ship and proceeds to tell robert his story.

symbolization of viktors interest with science

viktor starts his story off with his childhood and describes his interest in science.  he gets older and gets into college and finds the perfect mentor.

mortary (place where viktor wouldve gotten body parts)

so whille viktor advances his studies at college he learns how to reanimate the dead and begins to work on an 8ft monster put together with diffrent body parts.

the monster is alive!

viktor finally finishes but is not pleased with his monster he is actually scared of it. the monster runs away and is no where to be found viktor then becomes very ill but with the help of his dear friend henry he gets better and plans to go see his family.

the guilt viktor feels.

viktor gets a letter from his father proclaiming his little brother has been strangled. viktor heads straight for geneva (his home) right outside of his town he sees his monster and realizes that his monster has killed his brother. not only that but a family friend has been accused and is senteced to die for a crime she is innocent of.

where viktor meets his monster

viktor goes for  a walk and meets his monster. he trys to fight it but the monster just wants to he sits down and listens to his story.

the monsters peephole

the monster tells of the very first things that happen then he says he found a cottage and stayed in the shed while he observed a family and learned basic things. the man of the family was blind so he thought he could talk to him and be accepted so he waits for the rest of the family to leave and talks to the old man but when the family comes back they beat frankenstien and then he runs away and the family moves.

the monster rage at all humans

after this the monster swears revenge against all humans especially his creator. he then travels to geneva and runs acros a girl drowning he saves her but then her father shoots at him. he then runs across william frankenstein and thinks hey this is a young child he will accept me but quite the contrary  when the child mentions frankenstein the monster flips out and kills him he then takes his necklace off and plants it on justine.

viktors need for a mate

thus ends the monster story. the monster then asks for viktor to make him a female companion. at first viktor refuses but after consideration agrees to do it. so viktor and his frien travel to england. viktor gets henry to stay with a friend while he goes and makes a shack and gets started on the other monster. when he is almost done the first monster is seen outside the window smirking which upsets viktor and makes him destroy the 2nd monster. the monster says he will be with him on his wedding night.

viktor gets accused of murder

on his way back to geneva he gets lost at sea and ends up in ireland. everyone is accusing him of murder. so he goes to magistrates office and they show him the body to see his reaction and its henry. viktor goes crazy and is ill for two months.when he wakes he is in prison but his fater comes and gets him

viktor and elizabeths wedding

they return to geneva and viktor gets married right away. they go to a little cottage and viktor is walking around checking everything out looking for the monster when suddlenly he hears a scream. it was the monster killing elizabeth in a seperate room. viktor returns home only to his father dying three days after wife from depression. viktor is determined to kill the monster with or without help.

viktors journey

he starts following the monster and chases him  for days he finally catches him but as soon as he does the ice he was on starts to crack and unleashes the sea. he then spots roberts ship and makes his way there. now its present time and viktor is now talking to robert after finishing his story.

the inside of the ship

viktor is very weak and ask robert to finish his job if he cannot. roberts ship is stuck in the ice and his crew is on the verge of mutiny because they want to go home. so right before they decide to go robert tells viktor and viktor goes to leave but is too weak and dies right then. robert then sees the monster  hovering over him apologizing for everything then robert and the monster have a little conversation and the monster flees . the end

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