The Moon's Importance...

Ashley Comer

4th hour

The Moon's Role

The moon plays a very important to life on earth. First, the moon has eight phases. These phases are caused by the axis of the moon and earth. Next, the moon casts shadows on the earth and the earth casts a shadow on the moon. These are called eclipses. The moon plays many different roles for earth.


Phases of the moon...

The moon has eight phases. These phases are, new moon, waxing crescent,1st quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, 3rd quarter, and waning crescent. The phases are caused by the shadows casted on earth by the moon, and by the shadows casted on the moon by earth. These help us by giving us light and letting us be out later at night. 


Tides are the rising and falling of oceans and seas. There are two types of tides. There is spring tide, which is the highest tide. There is also neap tide, in which all sides of the earth have even tides. The tides are caused by the moons gravitational pull.


Eclipses are the shadows casted either earth or moon. There are two types of eclipses. There is the solar eclipse, that is he shadow casted on the moon because the moon blocks out the sun. Then there is there is the lunar eclipse. This is where the shadow is casted the earth.

Life without the moon would be dark. There would be no tides. There would be no eclipses. I imagine the earth might look like the above picture. Darkness and gloomy.

Life without moon...

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