The Propeller

By: Ethan S. #industrialrev #kettner

My invention is the propeller. The propeller is a fan that propels a vehicle like a plane or a boat and pushes air or water behind it to move the vehicle. The propeller was invented in 1835 by an inventor named Francis Pettit Smith. Some positive effects the propeller had on the U.S. were that people and goods could be transported faster and easier rather than canoes or wagons. The propeller also had some negative effects; the propeller was often built with unsteady materials and often broke. The propeller works with the help of an engine, when the engine starts the propeller spins and the tilted wings on the propeller push air or water behind it to make it move. The modern version of the propeller is essentially the same but made more durable. Today propellers are usually used on boats and only smaller planes; they are also used for fans.

Essential Question: What impact did the advance on technology have on the conflict between northern and southern parts of the United States?

Answer: The propeller affected the conflict between the north and the south because they could transport goods and supplies easier and faster so they didn’t have to wait during the civil war.

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