Royal Victoria Square was built as a catalyst for re-development in this part of Docklands. It sits on the site of one of the original five "finger" docks that existed here before the entire area was rebuilt in the 1930s. The chief feature is a central lawn, flanked on the east and west sides by cantilevered canopies. On the north side is an area of paving, conceived as part of a ceremonial route to the Excel building, that features two rows of fountain jets. Sadly these rarely seem to be turned on. North of this again is a pool, on the far side of which is an original surviving warehouse from the late 19th Century. To the east is a triangular group of closely planted trees. A pavilion was originally intended for this location, but the funding never materialised. So the trees have been tightly planted to echo the mass of the proposed structure. Finally by the waterside are four preserved 20m dock cranes; reminders of the area's heavy industrial heritage.

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