Water Conservation

Freshwater is a valuable resource that is being used up quickly. There are many ways we can conserve water by just doing little things.  


You can conserve water in many ways in the bathroom. You can start by not using it as an trash can. Use a small trash can or other bin to throw your trash in. Every time you flush down a candy wrapper or a tissue, you are wasting 5-7 gallons of water.


You can save water by insulating your pipes. You can use pre-split foam insulator. This will help your water heat up faster as well as saving water. You won't have to let the water run for several minutes before you actually start using it.

Brushing Your Teeth  

After you have wet your toothbrush, you can turn the faucet off to save water. Turning the faucet off for the 2 minutes you brush your teeth can save 4-5 gallons. If you brush your teeth twice a day, that is 8-10 gallons of water you are saving.

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