Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

An issue that was highly sprung in the documentary is obesity in America. It is estimated that McDonalds has about 14 000 restaurants around the country so it’s no surprise that everyone is overweight. Of course there are other fast food outlets shown in the documentary but McDonalds is everybody’s favourite and it is the most popular.

In the documentary it doesn’t just talk about fast food but also introduced that children in school are eating terribly. There were many schools interviewed about what exactly is being fed to kids in school. The results were simply staggering. From every single school all that was being served was junk food and a big no is frozen food. It is actually so unhealthy for young adolescents to be growing up with unhealthy food habits so I believe that it should change. Healthy food should be introduced and also exercise should be encouraged into a daily routine.

A reason why people eat food is also when you might not having a good day. It effects all aspects of your holistic lifestyle damaging not just the physical and emotional part but also the social and mental side. Health companies are getting shut down because nobody cares about getting better but to just keep eating. I think to prevent obesity in America, there shouldn’t be so many fast food outlets open. Exercise should be encouraged in the nation.

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