Slow River: 40-minute tour gomones by an artificial river over 300 meters, passing through different places and landscapes.

Kamikaze: Tower with 20 meters with 2 huge slides 18 meters high, 60 km per hour. Vertigo and emotion are the key to this game.

Hidrotubos: Tower 12 meters, two spiral slides, one open and one closed, over 70 meters long, ensuring the fun.

Children's Pool: Pools of 350 meters provided games for the kids, fungus permanent shower and a beautiful locks interactive game provided they produce the movement of water in different ways. Depth of 1.05 m to 0.50 m.

Pools for Adolescents: Level 0.90 feet deep provided with slide, boom bridge fluctuating equilibrio.Tobogán networks and giant multicolored floats.

Pools for Adults: reaches 1.5 meters deep at its deepest part. In its extension of 280 meters has seats with whirlpools and waterfalls. It also has basketball board for sports fans.

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