How to dine: You usually sit on a mat around a large communal bowl. you usually just grab a serving in your hand from a bowl closest to you. Also NEVER put your hand in your mouth because you will reuse that hand over and over again. theres no silverware.

Also if theres bone in the meat, you are expected to suck out the marrow. if you dont want to then dont take the meat.

Dining etiquette: Dont say “wow” or complement them directly. it makes them really nervous and don't like it.

Learn everyone's name and remember it.

Pace yourself, theres gonna be a lot of different dishes one after another so dont stuff your face all at once.

They will always try to give you as much meat as possible. it depends on the hosts budget. may vary from a few bites to a whole lamb.

Relationships: Are muslim

Expected to marry very soon after the first date

Men are “ dating the whole family too”

They don't wear the traditional muslim clothing.


Ceremonies last 3 days to a week.

Very big and festive

Mothers are very involved.

Funerals: Women wear white to show their grief.

Buried to point the south.

A unique event:

On March 3rd,Morocco celebrates throne day where they dress their best to dance and sing while having colorful fireworks pop.

Meal times:

Breakfast is called " Futo" and is usually bread with jam.

Lunch is called "Rada" its the largest meal of the day and most people eat this meal together before going back to work or school. It usually consists of a lot of vegetables and some type of meat ( usually lamb for the wealthier and a hard boiled eggs for the lower class.)

Dinner is called " Asha" is usually just left overs from lunch.

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