Arkansas Workers Compensation

Steps to filing a workers compensation claim

Step 1: Notify your Employer

If your injury is an emergency, you should get medical attention first.  You should notify your employer. The time varies from state to state.  

Step 2: Follow Doctor's Orders

Depending on the injury, where it happens, the terms of your employer's workers' compensation coverage, and the size of your employer, you might see an emergency room doctor, your own doctor, or the company or insurance company's doctor. Be sure to follow the doctors instructions. If you don't, it could be grounds for denying workers; compensation. If you need to take time from work, the doctor should note this in writing.

Step 3: File Your Claim

Whether your employer is insured through a private carrier or the state or is self- insured , the employer is required to have forms available to file your claim. Complete forms truthfully, make a photocopy, keep and file the copy, and submit the claim according to instructions.

Document, Document, Document !

Make copies of all correspondence with the insurer, all health providers, and your employer. Keep a log of the dates, times, and content of all conversations and meetings. When you have a telephone conversation, be sure to write down the name and title of the person to whom you talk

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