The Pros and Cons of International School Education

Living in another country can be a little complicated especially if you have kids who need to go to school. There is the dilemma of choosing between a local school or an international school.

For expats, this can be a challenging stage because parents want to ensure that their kids get the best education possible. And, most of the time, an international school is the first option because it provides familiarity. However, there are some who would opt for local schools to let their kids learn and experience a new culture.

But what is really better? Is it safer and better to send kids to an international school? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Let’s take a look at the things you should expect if you send your kids to an international school.

Expands your child’s horizons

One of the best things about sending kids to an international school is that it broadens your kids’ perspective of the world. International schools in Singapore are attended by kids from different parts of the world and this lets your child learn new cultures. This will teach them to adapt with others.

Kids don’t need to feel left out

Expat kids living in another country are more likely to feel left out, if not bullied, by local kids. The disadvantage of sending them to local schools is that they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Being different can sometimes work against these kids because they may find it hard to integrate themselves with the others.

International schools are great because they can be with students who can totally relate with them.

Quality education

Of course, the main thrust of international education is that kids can get quality education. Students will become proficient in the English language, for one. Plus, the curriculum is definitely going to be something that will contribute to the students’ educational growth.

In addition, studying in international schools in Singapore will give expat kids better chances of getting admitted to colleges and universities. Opportunities for advanced studies are also great.

Extra-curricular activities

International schools also offer a wide variety of non-academic activities that should keep your kids occupied, like sports. These activities will further hone students’ talents and skills and instil in them traits like discipline, camaraderie and creativity.

Kids can make more new friends

The diversity of people in international schools provides a great environment for making friends. It’s natural for some expat kids to feel a little unwanted at times because of the challenges of getting along with locals initially. Since international schools have kids from different parts of the world, your kids will find it easier to meet someone who can understand the things they’re going through. This shared experience can translate to meaningful friendships, which can make their stay in the country a lot more enjoyable.

It’s important to note that sending kids to international schools also comes with cons. One of them is the high cost of tuition. Obviously, these schools are more expensive than local schools, but that’s justified by the quality of education international schools in Singapore provide children.