Concentration Camp life

The concentration camps are places where people of a certain belief are detained or confined usually in harsh conditions. They were established in 1933 and ran until 1939.  There are different kinds of camps. There were work camps, death camps, and many more. Work camps  or forced labor camps made the Jewish people do many useless and humiliating things usually without the proper equipment. There were six death camps or extermination camps with only one purpose, to kill the Jewish population. Three million Jewish people were killed in these camps. Some key people involved with the concentration camps include Heinrich Himmler who was chief of the SS. He and a few other people including Theodor Eicke and Richard Glücks who replaced Eicke. They were in charge of some of the camps.

The picture above is an example of how the Germans killed the Jewish in extermination camps.

The picture above is an example of the kind of work the Jewish had to do in the work camps.

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