Jester Games on Black Death


Hello there, and welcome to the Jester games by 4Blackfort, and now you can know more about Black Death. Most kids now, young kids, they wont know about Black Death. Black Death started in Medieval Times in China, but traveled to Europe. How did it travel to Europe you might ask? Ships. Ships would either give or take products from china, and rats got on the ship. The shipmates didn't care, because they didn't know they were the reason for Black Death. The Black Death is a disease in which your toes turn black, your hands and fingers turn black, and worst of all, you will most likely die within hours. You can be okay at 8:00 Am, but be dead by 8:00 pm. Black Death would be so contagious that not even priests or doctors would go into the homes in which someone had Black Death in. They would put red crosses on the houses that did. How did the Black Death spread? You my be wondering. Well as i said earlier, the rats got on the ships shipping to or from China and they would travel back to Europe. There was a process, the rats already had Black Death in them, so, there was garbage everywhere, and where there's garbage, there's usually fleas and rats. So, the fleas would do what they do, and drink the rats blood, then bite humans. The humans just thought it was none other than a regular flea bite, only because it was but one exception, they had Black Death in them. There was some information about Black Death; thank you for your time.

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