8.2 Reflections #19 and #20
J. Batchelor | Mr. Kirkland Math ll

I think Leonardo would tell me to work on my E's and A's. He would also probably tell me to make my backwards handwriting neater in general. I think writing backwards was easy/natural for him because he was left handed, which probably led him to think that he should write his words right to left instead of left to right.

Problem #20!

This purse is a reflection, and so is the logo. The T's are mirrored and so are the buttons on the side.

These wings that are being used are symmetrical. If you looked at each wing separately they would look the same. All the aspects used on one are used on the other and are reflected.

This flow map is reflected across an axis that may not be visible but you can see how each side is the same. There are the same number of boxes on each side and all the lengths and angles stay the same.