Welcome To Canada!

Beautiful nature, diverse culture, and home to some of the most kind people on earth.

A bit about Canada and the government

Canada is a constitutional monarchy which is much like the U.S. government but they have a king and a queen which have no political power over the government. Having a king and a queen also gives Canada a more historical feel of past times when king's and queen's ruled over different lands. The Canadian leader is the Prime minister who is today Stephen Harper.

How Canada makes its decisions is from the use of their Parliament that is the Legislator which is made up of the Canadian senates and House of Commons. A topic that has  commonly been brought up to discuss about is Quebec becoming an independent nation. The people who want Quebec to secede from Canada are separatists. Almost all of the people that want Quebec to succeed are of French decent and speak mostly french in that area.    

The people get to vote on decisions to the country, thanks to their constitution which all came together because of a man named Pierre Trudeau. in 1982 he established the Canadian constitution which gave many of the same rights of freedom that the U.S. has to Canada.

The u.s and Canada have been close allies, they import and export a lot of goods between each other. importing a lot of items to sell in Canada from the U.S and exporting a lot of Canada's products to the U.S. to sell makes for a nice fair trade. To make these trades they need a way of transportation. In Canada transportation corridors are a huge part of moving goods around the country and to the rest of the world.  Their are some transportation barriers though, mostly in the desolate north area of Canada by Nunavut area. these barriers could be snow and ice which slow down the transportation of the goods.

Now that you know a bit about Canada's government and trade get out their and see the amazing country for yourself!  Canada welcomes you!

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