Atmosphere -By: Kyle Sextro

Fact #1: Temperature as You Rise

In the graph above the temperature starts out as fairly warm. Once you get into the Stratosphere it gets warmer then you get to the Mesosphere then it gets really cold. Finally, you get to the temperature goes way up.

Fact #2: How Pressure Changes

Where we live at the pressure is perfect because if it were to high we would be crushed and if it were to low we would be puffy. In the Thermosphere there is the least amount of pressure. At the bottom of the ocean there is the most amount of pressure.

Fact #3: Meteor Protection

In the Mesosphere the meteors burn up. They burn up because the friction they create. The atmosphere can will burn up almost all the meteors. When this happens you will see a "Shooting Star".

Fact #4: Green House Efect

When the sun rays hit earth they bounce back up towards space. But, before they can escape back into space the atmosphere blocks most of it and sends it back towards Earth and warms us up.

Fact #5: Gases on Earth

The Earth is mostly covered by nitrogen and oxygen. The other gases are very tiny compared to the main 2. If nitrogen was replaced by carbon dioxide then we would all choke on it and die.

Fact #6: How the Atmosphere lets us talk.

Sound waves depend on air to let them vibrate and make sound. If there was no air then the vibrations and sound waves couldn't move. If you were in the middle of space and tried talking to someone they wouldn't hear you because they is no air

Fact #7: Weather on Earth

All of Earth's weather happens in the troposphere.

Fact #8: Radiation Sheild

The atmosphere of Earth protects us and all living things on the earth from dangerous radiation from the sun. UV rays can destroy cells in our body.

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