Chalk Tape

By:Faith Tausch

My idea is to put chalk boards on a roll of duck tape.

i am selling to kids of all ages. this product can be put any where. Students in dorm rooms can put this on thier walls. the best part is that it wont take off the paint.

Teacher can also put this on thier walls to spark up their class rooms.

My plan is to partner with Duck Tape. if i do this then i will get more people to buy my product. This Will also help out duck tape so they can get more money.

you may think that I will get a loan from the bank,  but this is all coming from my money. I have been saving up for years!

At the moment i am working out of my garage and am saving up all the profit that i have made to buy a ware house to make all of the tape.

Thank you for watching my presentation. Any questions?

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