The Problem With Zoos

save our animals
By: Anna Harts

African Elephant!

Define: We need to save our animals. If we don't save our animals they will go extinct and we don't want that, do we? We'll I sure don't. I love animals that's why I think they should not be in zoos.Did you know that animals habitats are 100 times smaller in zoos than in there regular habitats in the wild? I would think that would be a little crowed if I was used to a big space. I heard that the St.Louis Zoo is paying $20,000,000 dollars for a new Polar bear habitat isn't that a lot of money?I think it is really nice that they are doing that for a new polar bear habitat but I still don't think we should have zoos.Plus I bet it is still a lot smaller than there regular habitat.

Discover: Well it all started with the first zoo in around 2400 B.C., the earliest collection of animals was assembled by the ruler of Ur (now Southeast Iraq), although it was not accessible by the public. It is believed that the first real public zoo was established by Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt, who collected animals from all parts of Africa in 1500 B.C.( that's how the problem got started.

Dream: My solution for this problem is that we either don't have zoos or we don't kill the animals for no reason. If our zoos don't have enough room or don't need the animal any more we can give the animal to another zoo so we don't have to kill it. I wish that people weren't so cruel. I also wish that you couldn't kill animals  I wish it was the law that you couldn't kill animals. My dream is no more zoos or zoos don't kill their animals because they don't need them. Maybe the zoos could give the animal that they don't need anymore to another zoo that needed it instead of killing it.

Design:  Zoos are killing animals that they don't need anymore or killing animals so they can feed other animals such as Lions,Tigers,Bobcats, and other meat eaters.Now I have a couple solutions to this problem. One is to maybe talk to a zoo manager. My second one is to talk to a zookeeper or even a group of zookeepers about how they need to take better care of there animals and not KILL them. I also might start a charity and give all the money to zoos so they can buy better habitats for the animals.

          Conclusion: Zoos are killing animals either because they don't want them or they don't need them or even because they don't have enough food for there other meat eating animals. My dream was to have no more zoos or zoos don't kill their animals. I know that if we don't have zoos other people won't get to see animals but if people keep killing their zoo animals the people still won't be able to see them because they will be dead. We need to put a stop to this we need to save our animals. You probably think that zoos are helping endangered animals but only 5% of endangered animals are in zoos and only 2% of endangered animals are in the zoos breeding programs. If animals keep dying our food chain gets smaller and smaller and we need animals to live there our food. Its like a fish out of water fish need water to live we need food to live and fish do to. So please at least try to save our animals it will make a big difference in the world.

The Copenhagen zoo killed their 2 year old healthy giraffe for no reason.

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