How is American society represented in the documentary?

In the documentary ‘Super-Size Me’, there was a man who went on a 30 day diet of only eating McDonalds. It really did open my eyes to how the American society really eat on their diet. I found out all the statistics and the rankings for the fattest cities in America and was so surprised with all the results. It showed how unhealthy there food system is, as if they don’t care about their health. I’m not aiming it to every single being in America, but the stats proved that nearly half the population was obese simply by unhealthy eating.

There can be many other medical excuses of your body mass but fast food is the main cause. The fast food industry has increased massively just for the attitude that a person has like just being too lazy to cook a healthy meal or just making countless. I was so shocked at the sizes they provide in every McDonalds restaurant in America. They have small, medium, large and super-size. It was so crazy to see how big they were. Something that really surprised me was that at the schools over there, they don’t sell cooked food it’s all processed. Six out of thirty items are homemade but the rest are from boxes.

I feel this all needs to change for America. They need to start exercising and working together to keep fit. Also should really start promoting healthy foods and maybe reduce the amount of fast food joints that are present around each city or town. I think if people were told about how unhealthy there body is, it would help a person cut down and try make a change.

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