Should LA New Yorkify?

Julian Garcia | period 4 | 2/21/14

Background: A new reasoning plan is prospering that the low-rise , car-centric Hollywood of yore be replaced by skyscrapers & public transit hubs. Questions are being raised, Would Hollywood loose it's charm is skyscrapers popped up & am ass transit displaced cars? Hollywood is a popular but gritty neighborhood that's going through growing pains. Is this the start of a " New Yorkified" Los Angeles? is LA ready?

Structual Functional

1) Plans to modernize Hollywood isn't trying to turn it into Tokyo or New York (although that would be the latent) , it's purpose is to try to make Hollywood into the best version of the little city it already is.

2)The manifest function of Hollywood community plan is to treat Hollywood like the urban center it's been for a long time.

3)The plan of New Yorkifiyng La is to transform it to have a pedestrianized city filled with public transportation & piercing sky scrapers

Social Conflict

1) While many New Yorkers complain about La it is while they are in trains & walking down the streets, where walking & riding the train in LA isn't ass great as in NY

2) Both LA & NY are economic capitals, immigrant entrepots, & media empires, & they both have polygot concentrations of extreme wealth & poverty.

3) Photographer Weegee described Hollywood as the Newark, New Jersey, with palm trees

Symbolic Interaction

1) Many New Yorkers move to LA because they love the sunshine-&-convertible lifestyle

2) Expatriate New Yorkers love the fact that you cam live the warm-weather-suburban lifestyle without sacrificing their norms & culture such as the restaurants theaters & other things New Yorkers love about the suburban life

3) Yes New Yorkers will still come to LA in large part for the sunshine but they'll still complain about LA compared to NY

4) LA & Hollywood stand in for Manhattan in movies

Personal Reaction

New Yorkifying Los Angeles doesn't sound like such a great idea. For 18,000,000 people to have to adapt to the lifestyle will take decades. Mostly every family in LA owns 2-3 if not more cars. the public transportation would not function as well as it does in New York. Not only for those reason does the idea sound bad but LA has it's own personal charms as does NY . Many of it's history will be changed. Modernizing LA is good enough. but making a full ride attempt at changing a lifestyle doesn't.

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