Narrative Poem ,Howard ,11/4/13

Maria with long brown curly hair her curls are as tight and bouncy as a slinky, Maria a name that everybody knows, Maria whose smile is as big and bright as the vey social like a bee buzzes in its honey comb, skips from one group of friends to another like a bee collects pollen from different flowers , paints a picture like a boat floating on water, jumps over puddles of water like if she was a frog , walks with insecurity and mixed emotions, listens to the sound thats roaming inside her head.

Maria runs away from all the confusion and commotion, jumps over all the obstacles that are in life, walks away from the person thats making her drift away.Because she cant take it anymore,she wants to give up.

Maria inside feels scared and alone, inside shes hopeless like a lost puppy that cant find its way home, inside her heart shows no emotion.Is frightened of what may happen. Crys herself each and every night,

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