Llew P.

7th-grade English Portfolio

My Portfolio Reflection

  1. How would you describe your writing at the beginning of the year and how would you describe it now? At the beginning of the year I was terrible at grammar, but after doing CYG (caught Your Grammar) for the whole year. I also feel that Ideas for writing come out easier than it did at the beginning of the year.  At the beginning of the year I had a much harder time writing than I do now.
  2. What do you consider your writing strengths? Explain. I would say that my greatest strength is my ideas because I need them to write and I got better with them through the year. I enjoy writing fiction because I can let my brain run wild. :3 One more might be that I enjoy writing even though I am not to good at it.
  3. What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain. I still need a lot more work in grammar because English is complicated and I am not good at it. I also need to work on spelling because a lot of words do not sound the way they are. Next year I hope to write more fiction.
  4. What piece of writing from this year best captures your growth as a writer and thinker? Explain why. I would say that the hero's journey essay shows how much I improved the most because it was near the end of the year and that is when I am most improved. I also enjoyed it and that has an impact on my writing because I really get into it. It also did not have a limit so I could give all my ideas on it.

     5.What piece of writing from this year are you most proud of? Explain why. The piece of writing that I am most proud of this year is my Holocaust pen pal assignment. I enjoyed this kind of writing because it was like talking to another person even though the person I was talking with was just made up. I enjoy deep stories and the Holocaust was most definitely a deep story. We had to write as if we were talking to another person during the Holocaust and the person we where really talking to was another student at a different school.

Artifact #1

Hero’s Journey Essay

We all feel alone sometimes, but everyone has their ups and downs that makes them who they are. Everyone goes on a Journey. One that starts and ends somewhere. Pony’s friend Johnny makes a choice, a choice to save someone, and a choice that kills someone. Now they choose to run and never look back at what they did. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Is a monomyth because the hero goes on a Hero’s Journey.

Ponyboy continues to experience The Initiation when Johnny dies. Pony and Dally rush to the hospital after a big brawl to tell Johnny about their victory but soon after they tell Johnny, (pg 148) “stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold…” The pillow seemed to sink a little and Johnny died. In the Hero’s Journey, the second part of The Initiation is when the hero loses things people and things that are important to them. In the Outsiders, Ponyboy is experiencing ups and downs all over his life. Starting when Johnny kills Bob. Pony and Johnny went through so much together when they were on the run but now that Johnny has passed away, Dally and Pony feel shocked that Johnny had died. Dally, being the toughest guy of Pony’s gang finally loses it because Johnny was Dallys best friend and Dally doesn’t feel that there is anyone left for him. Pony feels so much pain after everything they went through together. Pony just can not accept that Johnny dies and Dally loses his temper and storms out of the hospital not knowing where to go out of shock.

In conclusion, The hero’s Journey that Pony goes on is really hard on him. Ponyboy goes through so many deaths that he will never be the same again. Pony also finds out that Darry actually cares for Pony. This can all happen in real life so the book teaches you about history and society.

Artifact #2

Dear Lilly,

The situation that I'm in right now is more terrible than I thought it could ever be. The Germans have put me and my siblings into an open ghetto on the border of Germany and Poland. As for my mother and father, I do not know where they have gone. Sadly, I do not know the date, for they took us by surprise. I will never forgive them for taking my parents away.

A German soldier came knocking at our door and asked, “are you people Jewish?”

My mum replied, “Yes we are Jewish,we go to the synagogue down the-

The man raised the gun to my mums head to cut her off, “The kids go in the left truck and adults go into the right one. Make it quick or I’ll kill you,” the man growled. We scrambled into the separate trucks as the man ordered us to. In the corner of my eye an old man was being shot. I worry that I will never forget that image. When the truck carrying my parents started to drive in a different direction, me and my sibling started screaming at the guards to bring them back. We screamed at a soldier until the he raised the gun at us. We drove for what seemed like days. The truck drove through what used to be farms and in the distance over the mountains I could see smoke rising to the sky forming clouds of darkness. Then I saw the warehouse where this journey would taking us.

Life in the Ghetto is far worse than I thought it would be. There is disease and plague everywhere and the food is terrible. I am starting to think that death is a better option than this now. I have been sleeping on the cold ground for a few days now. I gave my bed to my younger sister because she needs it more that me. What I really don’t like is that they didn’t let me bring anything with me. All I’ve got now is the food they serve and the clothes I had on when I left home. I miss home so very much and the only thing here to remind me of it is my siblings.

Every day is the same routine. Get up, eat breakfast, do anything in the Ghetto that doesn't break the rules, eat dinner, and then sleep again for tomorrow. I heard that people that get sent to do work for the Germans get real beds, so I might hope to get that. Anything else right now would be better than here.

If you don’t know about it yet, I would recommend going into hiding while you can.



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