Baby Information

Nickname of element-Cr

Birth date-1797

Birth weight-52

Birth height-24


Attending physician-Louis Nicolas V.


Place of birth-1797

Personality-2180 K (1907°C or 3465°F) and 2944 K (2671°C or 4840°F)

Ultrasound of my Element

Group 6 element




What I want to be when I grow up?

-improving blood sugar control in people with pre diabetes,

-a polished mirror finish to steel

- work in used to harden steel

-he want to make metal stuff for the kitchen and other stuff for uses

-he want to make some stuff for cars or other vehicle

- he want to make all kind of stuff that made of metal

i want my element could make all kind of stuff that is made of metal

so we need metal for stuff like for the kitchen, vehicle, and other stuff for metal

because we need metals for us in the world

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