Big Bad Wolves At School
Author Stephen krensky                 illustrated by Brad Sneed

This book is fiction because it has talking animals and they go to school.The plot of this story is man vs man because when he had to go to school and save them from hunters. The hero is Rufus the villain is the teacher at the bad wolves academy.


The characters are Rufus, classmates, parents, and teacher at the academy. The four words that describes the character is brave, faithful, happy, and nice i say that because he likes nature and he has lots of nature friends.

                                                           main setting

The main settings are in the nature/his home and at the school. I will recommend this book to 2 and up because its easy to read and it has easy words and has great pictures and it teaches a lesson witch is don't be bad there are some schools that your parents that can help you respect people.


Rufus was a young wolf that like to play and have fun. But his parents where worried for him they thought he will never survive this world. They  sent him to the bad wolves academy. Rufus was not a bad wolf he was the silly one in the school and the headmaster was mad. Rufus had gym class and they had to blow down these fake houses but rufus could not blow hard.Rufus was sad and lonely at night he went for a stretch  and he howl at the moon but wolves where mad because they where not like Rufus. At the end of the school year they had to study for final exams but rufus thought he would study to. The first day of testing Rufus was unprepared  suddenly, the bell rang hunters! Shouted the teacher prepare your self. Some wolves tried to blow one of the hunters but he held on tight. Rufus stopped and howled and the rest stooped and howled the hunters stop and cover there ears and ran away. Rufus had made the headmaster proud so he graduated and got a medal for saving them

this booked reminds me of one day when i got on punishment and then i cleand the whole house then i got allowance and my mom was proud.