tropical desert

our biome

In the tropical desert, there is less than 50 cm/ year.
Tropical Deserts are the driest place on earth.

: many deserts are found about 30 degrees latitude and 30 degrees latitude south

:the main deserts are Utah , Montana , and the Great Basin

:the cool winters of coastal deserts are folled by moderately long , warm summers

:some activities are to rock climbing

The Saguaro Cactus stores all of its water in its stem.
The dragon tree is not from American deserts.
he yucca plant is a hardy plant.
When you are in the desert in the day it has extreme heat with extreme dryness.
The Tropical Desert is extreamly cold at night like winter.
Some toads seal themselves in burrows.
These are the adaptations of a plant.
Amphibians have accelerated life cycles.
Some insects lay eggs and they don't come out until the conditions are good.
Meercats hide in holes in the desert for safety.
Rarely flash floods occur in the Tropical Desert.
This is what you would wear in the Tropical Desert.
The waxy surface of the aloe plant acts like a plastic wrap.
Here is a map of were tropical deserts are at.
Some animals have adaptations for dealing with the desert conditions.

If you were in the desert and you wanted to buy a plant, you would most likely want to buy the Desert Rose Plant, Barrel Cactus, Jumping Cholla, and, Mojave Aster.

Those plants would be the most likely be the plants you would want to buy.

This is a pic of a city in the Tropical Desert.
Rock climbing is one of the activities to do in the Tropical Desert.

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