English Explorers

             During the Age Of Exploration there were a lot of key explorers. That includes Sir Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, John White, and John Cabot. They each had different motives but the main one for the country was that after Spain found riches, England thought that they could steal the fame. England and there explorers eventually became the most powerful and dominate colonial power in. North America.

             England claimed most of the eastern coast of the United States which included most of the land that would eventually become the 13 colonies.

The English brought severe diseases to the Natives which killed about 90% of them. They made trades with the Natives. The English would give the Natives food and weapons and the Natives would give back people they captured at war. The English would then use the people as slaves. The Natives were the good people, they showed the English how to grow crops and how to make medicine.

It is believed that Cabot actually landed somewhere near Newfoundland. Although he had not discovered the long dreamed of route to Asia, he did claim parts of Canada for England. In 1584 Raleigh outfitted a military expedition but did not sail with the crew. This expedition sailed first to Florida and then headed north, landing on the North Carolina coast. The new land was named Virginia after Elizabeth I, who was known as the Virgin Queen. During his circumnavigation of the world, English seaman Francis Drake anchors in a harbor just north of present-day San Francisco, California, and claims the territory for Queen Elizabeth I.

Fun Facts

-> John Cabot was born Italy and his Italian name was Giovanni Caboto - the Italian word ‘Caboto’ means “a coastal seaman”. This name was often given to sailors and navigators

-> John Cabot had three sons, Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancto

-> John Cabot's son, Sebastian Cabot became famous for searching for the Northwest passage across North America, attempting to circumnavigate the world and expeditions to Russia

-> Walter Raleigh was related to other famous explorers including Sir Humphrey Gilbert, John Hawkins, Sir Richard Grenville and Sir Francis Drake

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