By: Colin Johnson Core 3


Yesterday we learned how to meditate. We did three activities, The first one was sitting meditation. We learned how to sit correctly, have good posture, Breathe correctly, and letting your thoughts go.The next type was laying down meditation when we lied down on the mats and listened to a story. The next type was sleeping meditation where we tried to go to sleep while a woman was telling us to do things.

I thought that meditation was really cool and that meditation could help you relieve your stress. During the meditation i was trying to let all my thoughts go and concentrate. I was felling really relaxed and calm. I might try meditation again on my own so I could calm myself down or if i was stressed i could try to relax and relief my stress.


Meditation- Meditation is the practice of meditating. You meditate by being silent and breathing slowly and trying to let your thoughts.
Mantra- Is a word that is used in meditation that you keep saying over and over again that helps you keep your concentration.
Deep Breathing- Is breathing with long breathes

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