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August 25, 2014

It was another great week at JC! There are lots of things to celebrate...

Congratulations to Shannon Humphrey! Shannon was nominated and chosen for the Personal Service Award for MCDAB (Madison City Disability Advocacy Board). She will receive her award this Monday evening. Way to go, Shannon!

Congratulations also go to Carol Bohatch this week! Carol was rewarded by the Huntsville Association of Technical Societies with a grant for $825. Way to go, Carol!

The release of ACT scores provides yet another reason to celebrate. Click here to check out an article from Madison City's Facebook page.

The Madison Record welcomed Allison Miller to JCHS with an article sharing more about her journey as an educator. Check the article out here.

LOTS of Jets took the ALS Bucket Challenge this week! Check out the #proudtobeajet twitter feed to see some of the videos! (Even if you don't tweet, you can click the #proudtobeajet button below and see the tweets!)

It was a GREAT instructional week at JCHS. Thanks so much for the class invites. Please keep them coming! Learning Walks were a success on Wednesday. In case you missed Dr. Clayton's feedback, it is copied below. The team visited a sampling of contents and classrooms across JC. As always, observations were centered around the three components of the Instructional Core--Teacher, Student, & Content (see graphic below). To learn more, visit this link: Elmore's Instructional Core

Have a great week! Go JETS!  

:) Alyson

Learning Walk Feedback:


  • Learning Targets were posted in 11/14 classes visited
  • Students were able to discuss the learning targets as well as the purpose for learning
  • Students were organized for collaborative work
  • Students were facilitating their own learning and the learning of their peers
  • Teachers were acting as facilitators of learning
  • Teachers were utilizing strategies to encourage equitable student participation (equity sticks, balls, numbered seats, choral response, etc)
  • Students were applying previous learning to current topics
  • Students were organizing their learning using graphic organizers
  • Students were TWIRLing / Demonstrating proficiency of literacy standards (Examples: Close Reading / Re-reading of text, Student to Student dialogue, Questioning, Writing responses to poetry, defending their opinions, etc.)
  • Organization for learning was evident in classrooms (Systems in place for student groupings and assignments made transitions run smoothly)
  • Teachers were using rubrics to guide student expectations
  • Students were given choices in their learning


  • Learning Targets in All Classes
  • Pre-planning of quality questions by all teachers (to ensure higher levels of thinking)

Coming Up This Week...

Accreditation Survey- Monday, August 25th

Computers will be available in D122 all day for the surveys. Please come by at your convenience to take the survey and sign-off.

Link to MCS staff survey: http://www.advanc-ed.org/survey/public/5912699

STAR Testing- Tuesday, August 26th-Thursday, August 28th

Spirit Wear- Remember to wear your JC attire on Thursday! Let's support our teams! GO JETS!

JCHS School-wide Indicator
AQTS / Educate Alabama 2.5

"Engages learners in developing and monitoring goals for their own learning and Behavior"

Brandi Harper shared the following article that fits perfectly with our school wide indicator for the year. She is right... this has 2.5 all over it!!

THANK YOU, Brandi!!

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3 years ago

LOVE the self-reflection questions shared in the article. These would be perfect for Jet Advisory homeroom time!

3 years ago

Love that the evidence gathered from the walk throughs is so students focused. After all the students should be the hardest working ones in the class and the evidence points to this. Great job of engaging students, Jet teachers!!!