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September 22, 2014  

Hello Jets,

This week I was reminded of the great power of reflection. So often I become caught up in the scurry of day-to-day work, and it is easy to let the time for reflection be replaced by the things that need "doing."  Written reflection is a weekly commitment and responsibility for IPs. I admit that last year I often did a less than stellar job of reflecting. (I could insert several excuses here-- but they would be just that, so I'll refrain. ;)) This year, I have resolved to make reflection a priority--even if something else has to go, like maybe housework? :) Taking the time for reflection can seem like such a chore, but it really provides clarity as it helps with looking back at what worked or didn't, looking at what is happening now, and looking forward and projecting how what we have done and will do might take us to the next level of the work.

Dr. Clayton and I had the privilege to learn with educators from across North Alabama at the Instructional Partners Network retreat this week. Much of the retreat was dedicated to reflective writing and reflective conversations about our schools. Having this time to reflect allowed us the opportunity to think about what is working well and what things we could make better for JC teachers and students.  Reflection can play a key role in assessing our impact as educators in every realm-- from the classroom to the PD room to the boardroom. It is a valuable tool that will be worth the pause. I promise to make it a priority this year as an embedded part of our learning together. I hope you will find it a worthy use of our time!

Speaking of learning....our upcoming week is packed with opportunities. I look forward to seeing everyone throughout the week!

Have a great week! Go JETS!  ✈️

:) Alyson

Coming Up This Week...

Pilot's Lounge-Tuesday, September 23rd (during the lunch waves)

This week's session: Twitter 101 Facilitated by Melanie Turner & Alyson Carpenter

#MCSlearn- Twitter Chat for Madison City- Tuesday, September 23rd6:30 p.m.-- from your own device and from wherever you may be (home, ball field, grocery store, etc!) Simply login to Twitter and follow the hashtag #MCSlearn

Theme for this month's chat- "Shout-Outs, Shares, and Show-Offs" -- Log in and thank someone who has supported you this year. While you're there, BRAG about the awesome things you're doing at JC!

New Pilot's Meeting- Wednesday, September 24th @ 7:30 a.m.

Terminal Tours- Wednesday, September 24th (More info coming!)

MCS Collaborative Day- Friday, September 26th in the Cafeteria (1/2 day for students / Lunch will be provided!)

Learning Targets---A first step toward Student Ownership (2.5)

If you were unable to attend the Pilot's Lounge sessions last week, below are a few of the resources for you! :)

Video referenced on Slide #6

Video Referenced on Slide #8

A Reflection: Current Use of Learning Targets

Common Challenges w/ Learning Targets

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