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September 28, 2014  

Hello Jets,

Thanks to all for an amazing Collaborative Day.  Special thanks to Mr. Whitt for his partnership on the Empathy piece. I am sad that so many missed it, but EXCITED about all the wins for Jets this weekend!! Congrats to our Volleyball teams, Football team, Band, Color Guard, and Dance Team! #ProudToBeAJet

There is so much to celebrate this week... so I won't ramble, I'll just get to it!! :)

Have a great week! Go JETS!  ✈️

:) Alyson

Coming Up ...

Pilot's Lounge-Tuesday, September 30th (during the lunch waves)

This week's session: Let's Talk Shop Bring your lunch to D122 & enjoy dessert on us!

Downs Syndrome Awareness Day- Wednesday, October 1st

JC Theme: "We Fly Higher With An Extra Wing"

*Wear Blue & Yellow on Wednesday

*3rd Block Door Decoration Contest

STAR  testing and data--need assistance? Join us during lunch waves on Wednesday for one-on-one support!

Data Meetings- Thursday, October 2nd during lunch for all English & Math teachers

PLPs- Due on October 17th (Email from Mrs. Miller gives details and a model)


Terminal Tours

The Terminal Tours were a success on Wednesday! Thank you to all who welcomed us into your classrooms. The following teachers were visited by Touring teams:

Patrice O'Donnell, Erin Riddle, Melanie Turner, Blake Harvard, Peggy Boynton, Clint Woodfin, Kipp Cain, Brittany Bankston, Katie Weir, Liz Vaughn, Robin Hodges

Thanks also to those who chose to walk during their planning blocks and learn from others at JC! Your insight was great, and I hope you will return for another tour soon!

Carol Bohatch, Blake Harvard, Peggy Boynton, Liz Vaughn, Patrice O'Donnell, Greg Ennis, Sean Bardell, Elesia Jemison, Jennifer Hamlett, Tammy Simons, Jane Herndon, Mary Crouch, Katie Weir

Some of the insights taken from the Tours were:

*Students teaching students can be a powerful tool if framed correctly by the teacher-- We saw student tutors, one-on-one helpers, table groups working together and helping each other, students pushing others to dig deeper in order to explain their claims, students teaching others via EdModo, etc.

*Allowing students to pace themselves creates safety- allowing those who have "got it" to move forward empowers them to keep learning while making it "OK" when you need more time makes the class feel like a safe environment for learning

*Students in AP classes really know how to articulate what they are learning and will relate current learning to prior learning without prompting. We noticed that some of our students struggle more with this and are more likely to share what they are "doing" rather than what they are "learning." This is an area of growth for us related to student ownership / 2.5. Two things that should help with this-- discussing learning targets and frequent checks for understanding.

*Higher-Order thinking & questioning (and evidence of pre-planned questions) are plentiful at JCHS.

*Summarizing and sharing among classmates is a key strategy that students shared "works" for them.

*Total Participation techniques (choral response, signals, etc.) keep all students engaged in the lesson.

*Seeing your students in other classes provides a new perspective for teachers. This was mentioned several times. Seeing a student in an advanced level class or an elective sheds light on capabilities and passions. We had some AHA moments that prompted ideas for take-back!

If you'd like to join on the next set of Terminal Tours, email me or submit the form below with your planning block in the message space. :)

Science Tutors

The Science department is going above and beyond in getting kids to stay for tutoring! They are averaging over 20 kids each week. They sent a special shout-out to Coach Bell last weekfor agreeing to act as tutoring bus driver for the sessions!

Breakfast Buddies at Columbia Elementary

JCHS got some kudos this week from one of our elementary schools for a program we are just beginning. This looks like a great opportunity for ALL kids involved. Check out the pics below!

Homecoming Floats That Give Back

The JC Jets are giving back to the community again!! Check out the themes for our floats this year! See y'all at the parade on October 16th!

*Seniors- STOMP the Senators! (donations of shoes to Inside Out Ministries)

*Juniors- CAN the Senators! (donations of canned goods to Manna House)

*Sophomores- ROLL OVER the Senators! (TP to the Downtown Rescue Mission)

*Freshmen- SOAK the Senators! (Water Bottles to the Boys & Girls Club)

Congratulations to Clay Combs!

JC's Clay Combs was recently featured in Inspire magazine by Lifetouch. Check out his 2-page spread below!

JC Collaboration

Ekphrastic Poetry collaboration- Vaughn & Combs. Partnership in Action!

Ekphrastic poetry collaboration- Vaughn & Combs #proudtobeajet #partnership #mcslearn

Around JC This Week...

Hope you all have an AMAZING Fall Break!!

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