The Mark of Athena
By Rick Riordan

In the beginning, the Greek demigods and Jason flew to Camp Jupiter to unite the Greeks and Romans for a quest.  Annabeth had talked with her Mother, Athena. Athena told her that she wanted Annabeth to take revenge on Rome, for them taking the Athena Parthenos.  Annabeth then makes a deal with Terminus, the Roman god of boundaries, that they will leave all of their weapons on the ship.  Tyson calls for Percy and tells them that Ella, the harpy, is scared.  She starts to recite a prophecy and Octavian the prophecy at Camp Jupiter realizes it.  Then Percy, Annabeth, Hazel and Frank say it is nonsense, because they don't want Octavian to capture Ella. Later on, they need to find Celestial Bronze.  So Hazel and Leo went to an island on Hazel's horse, Arion, who was swift.  At the island, they had an encounter with Nemesis, the goddess of revenge.  She gave Leo a fortune cookie that when he needs it, he can open the cookie and his problem will be fixed, but only for a high price.  Then they find the Celestial Bronze but Narcissus is staring into the piece of Bronze (he had been cursed by Nemesis to fall in love with himself).  Leo distracts Narcissus while Hazel gets the Bronze with her "power".  They go back to the ship and Leo is worried about the fortune cookie.  Percy, Jason and Piper go to meet with Bacchus to ask for help with their quest.  After Bacchus leaves, Percy and Jason are possessed by Eidolons and they start fighting without control over themselves. Percy is on his pegasus, Blackjack, and Jason is on his storm spirit, Tempest, Percy takes out Jason and before Jason is killed Piper has Blackjack kick Percy in the head.  They go back to The Argo II and then Piper uses charmspeak to find out if the Eidolons are on the ship.  They are, and Piper makes them stay off the ship forever.  They find out that Hazel's brother, Nico, is trapped by the twin giants, Otis and Ephialtes.  They go to rescue Nico, when they find him his is very weak and has had little food.  The giants are there, Bacchus appears to help the demigods with their mission.  Once the two giants are down, Bacchus finished off the giants.   At the same time Annabeth was following The Mark of Athena.  She is trying to retrieve the Athena Parthenos.  She has to face her mothers enemy, Arachne;  Annabeth convinces Arachne to make her own trap without Arachne knowing it.  Annabeth then says there is a problem in the middle Arachne then crawls into the trap and gets stuck.  The crew of The Argo II flew to rescue Annabeth.  Arachne falls into Tartarus.  The Argo II members have to leave... without Percy and Annabeth.

Gaea,Ouranus,and Tartarus were the first gods. Gaea went to sleep but in this book she is waking and is planing to destroy the world.

I liked how Rick Riordan brought what people say millions of years ago happened he brought it to the 21st century.  This book/series is also connected to the Percy Jackson series.  I think people should read this book because there are some moments when it gets intense during battles.

Her husband was Ouranus and he kept throwing their children The Hundred-Handed-Ones and The Cyclopes into Tartarus.  She asked her only sons that Ouranus didn't throw into Tartarus,The Titans, to get rid of him.

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