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Hi my name is Amy and would like to share with you this opportunity to have a collection of 126 MRR (Master Resale Rights) eBooks. Here is a the quick peep of the eBooks.

  • Self Development
  • Pet Care
  • Survival And Security
  • Auto
  • Personal Finance And Taxes
  • Senior And Elder care
  • Jobs And Career Planning
  • School And College Education
  • Cooking And Dining
  • Miscellaneous Niches
  • Parenting And Children
  • Fun Activities For Kids
  • Home and Gardening
  • Health And Fitness
  • Medical Ailments
  • Relationships And Dating
  • Outdoor Sports And Adventure
  • Travel And vacation

I am now offering Master Resale Rights to the package. That means, you can purchase this package, and sell it at any price you feel proper! You can sell the books individually or as a package. or You can even give the books for free as part of bonuses on your website!

Those who get the package from you can either sell it, or give it away for free too!

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The average number of pages in these 126 books is 70 Pages!. So you will be getting massive amount of content. (9,000+ Pages in total! I just did this calculation, and I am amazed with the wealth of information I am
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Each of these books is very well formatted, for easier and enjoyable reading. The Table Of Contents is also hyper-linked for convenient browsing.

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