Rosa Parks was born February 4, 1913. Through out her life she did amazing things, like she stood up for her self and lot more people. I will tell you some of the amazing things she have done through out her life. Rosa went to a segregated school where there was only one school room there, Rosa went to school all the way to the 11th grade. Her grandmother and her mother got really sick, so she left her school to go and stay home and take care of them both.

Rosa one day she was coming from work she was very tired that day. She got on this bus she had a sit, and then these white people came. They told her to get but she didn't they kept on telling her to get up but she didn't then the bus driver called the police but still she didn't get up. When the police came they told her to get up so the white man could sit down in her sit, but she still didn't get up. Then after telling her to get up she didn't, then the police took her to jail  because she didn't give up her sit for the white man. Then she had to stay in jail but still she didn't care because she was tired of  having to do what people told them what they had to do just because they were black. She stood up for every blacks in the world she is really brave for doing that.

This is my story about this wonderful person named Rosa Parks she is a great hero and person her self and she is very brave. For doing what she did.

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