Bo Jackson

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
made by David W.
DOB- November 30th, 1962

Bo Jackson was professional football and baseball player.  

Five Unique Facts

1. He played in the NFL and the MLB.

2.He went to the U.S. Olympics for track and field.

3.His real name was Vincent Edward Jackson.

4.Attended Auburn University for college.

5.A serious hip injury ended his football career in the 90s.

Important Family Members

1.Linda Jackson, wife

2.Florence Jackson Bond, mom

3.Dick Atchinson, high school track coach

4.Morgan Jackson,daughter

5.Nicholas Jackson, son


When he was a kid he had a life rough. He got into lost of fights and had a bad temper. His dad was never around and his mom didn't have much money to support him and his 9 siblings. He earned the name "Bo" by being as hot tempered as a wild boar. His mom almost sent him to boarding school but he decided to play sports instead. Since he started to play sports he focused on that and didn't get into much trouble.

Significant Events in History

1.John F. Kennedy was assassinated

2.Small pox was going around

3.Apple released it's first computer.

4.Sadam Hussein launched war against Iran

5.First female member of the Supreme Court was elected


1.Won Heisman Trophy

2. Named and MLB All star

3.Named to NFL Pro Bowl

4. Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame

5.Named Greatest Athlete of all time in 2013.


The theme of this persons life is never give up. I say  this because he used to be a trouble maker and after he switched his life around he became one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Words of Advice

"If you have four years to complete your college education, do it." (56)

"Being the 8th out of 10 kids, and being the one that stayed in trouble, I sort of became a momma's boy." (81)

"Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there." (189)

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