Stop losing money !

Millions of people are losing money to the government each and everyday , they are eating all our money away !

Studies prove that on average 20%-25% of money is taken out of the average american's paycheck in one year !

  Everyone seems to be asking their selfs lately just exactly where all their money is going. Do you want answers to this question as well ? Now days you are lucky to be wealthy with all the downfalls of our economy. You should hold on and save as much as you possibly can. Over the years the government had raised taxes on the middle and lower classes but hasnt been hard on the wealthier classes at all. They take our money for many global issues and  issues needed to be solved even  in other countries .  It seems like we never get any credit for helping out, all we get is an empty wallet. Do you agree?

  The banks have became more difficult to work with over the years along with finding a good paying job.  There are poor people today while you are eating dinner at a nice restaraunt they will be going to dumpsters doing anything just to find a little piece of something  ! If the government keeps spending our money like they are now and not paying us back much our money may just dissapear. Who am i kidding  , it will just go to theupper class right ? We have to do something to improve now or never .

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