Pacquiao Vs Mayweather Scandal in Cambodia.

Cambodian Prime Minister refuses to pay 5000 dollar bet placed on Pacquiao in recent Mayweather Vs Pacquiao fight.

Sports Illustrated says: Prime Minister Sen doesn't believe that the fight was judged fairly since the fight took place in the United States with U.S. Judges. After the fight, it was revealed that Pacquiao hid an injury he got during training. Apparently his coach thought that his injury had sufficiently recovered before the fight, but during the 4th round, he had re-injured his shoulder, and will be going into surgery in the pending months.

Financial Times says: Hun Sen, the former Khmer Rouge commander and premier for more than 30 years, is refusing to pay up on a $5,000 bet on the Filipino national hero Claiming that Mr. Mayweather's points won were unfair.

CNBC says: Passionate about Pacquiao, Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, is now refusing to pay up on a $5,000 bet he made, believing the fight wasn't judged fairly.

Reaction: I believe that although Hun Sen proves a point, if you bring it down to fundamentals, Mayweather still won the fight, even if it was not a "good" fight. I chose this topic because this came to my attention days after the fight because i keep up with boxing every once in a while. You don't here government officials gambling often, especially from a country that has laws prohibiting gambling unless in an official environment like a casino.

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